Why do you think a movie star spend extra 3-4 hours in the gym after they have consumed a cup of ice-cream or any other processed/refined Food/sugar based item?

Because they are aware of the negative impacts of the extra glucose present in the blood, which if not burnt properly, might cause problems related to Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Diabetes, Kidney problems and Obesity etc. (watch video to understand in detail how these problems are related to one another)

In most of the cases it is seen that the person who have been eating a medicine for one of the above stated lifestyle disorders definitely eats medicine for all of the above stated lifestyle disorders at some point in life if the root cause is not dealt with (which is a change in person’s lifestyle/routine/habits)

Why do we need extra hours to burn excess glucose in the blood?

Just remember this rule, to burn 1 gram of glucose a person needs to walk /physical movement for about 15-20 minutes approximately.

Now Let’s understand this with the help of a “cola drink

A can of cola contains 39g of processed/refined sugar which is capable of releasing extra glucose in your blood in a matter of 25-35 minutes or earlier. This 39g of sugar could release 19g (Approx) of glucose in a person’s blood instantly... which is a very dangerous condition, now to burn this much gram of glucose a person need to walk for (look at the calculation below):-

How much walk is needed to burn 19g of glucose......?

19g (glucose) X 20 minutes walk (To burn per gram of glucose) =380 minutes

380 minutes divided by 60 minutes = 6.3 hours walking

Note: So to burn 19g of excess glucose in blood a person needs to walk for about 6 hours (Approximately) and how much do we walk in actual? THINK!!!

And we expect our excess glucose level to drop and burn by not working out enough and by not controlling our dietary glucose intake through simple carbohydrates and processed Foods, sugars/sweeteners.


Today’s medical system is very much advance and needed in today’s time of rising health ailments... Medical Experts (Doctors, Nurses etc) are doing a pretty good work in this zone, Big thanks to them for their contribution in the society....

But Somehow with issues related to lifestyle disorders (diabetes, cholesterol, Blood Pressure etc.), specially Diabetes, medical students are taught that “DIABESTES IS AN INCURABLE DISEASE” / “IT IS A PROGRESSIVE DISSORDER”

Why do we overlook the fact that it’s a lifestyle disorder, which has come up because of our bad/unhealthy lifestyle patterns?

Now, since this problem is the result of our unhealthy lifestyle... can this problem not be reversed by correcting and improvising our lifestyle??? Can this problem not be reversed by giving body the enough time to recover itself??(Watch video to know how)

Why not? When the body has the ability to heal itself....THINK!!!!


EATING PATTERN: we guide you about the type of food you must eat to maintain the level of glucose in your blood. Which includes mainly avoiding the simple carbohydrates that cause a rapid rise in blood glucose level and consuming the complex carbohydrates which digest slowly in the system thus release the glucose slowly and steadily in the blood. Thereby maintaining the glucose level.

EXERCISE/DAILY YOGA PRACTICE: We conduct daily online yoga sessions (zoom) in the morning for the people suffering from diabetes. The objective of the session is that nobody misses their daily practice + the sessions are live conducted in the presence of an expert who can help keep you going and keep you motivated

Our sessions our divided into 2 parts the first part includes the set of asana’s that focus on your problem related to diabetes and second part includes the set of asana’s targeting your overall health & fitness.

Note: Duration of the diabetes based online yoga session is 30 minutes.

INTERMETTENT FASTING: we promote intermittent fasting of 12-14 hours daily (ASK US HOW?) because when the body is fasting it gets the chance to free itself from accumulated toxins + body gets the time to work on healing itself as the body is not busy in the process of digestion.

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