Who We Are?

  • We are the exclusive wellness center for Slip Disc/Sciatica & Knee Problems.
  • Our Aim is to prevent people from spine operation & knee replacement surgery.
  • Our belief is that over 90% of the Slip Disc/Sciatica cases can be prevented from operation.
  • Our Belief is that close to 94% of the knee problem cases can be prevented from knee replacement surgeries.
  • We at Prithvi Yog Wellness Center can help you get back to your life routine naturally.

What we do?

  • We treat your Knee Pain, Slip Disc (L4-L5-S1)/Sciatica/Lower Back Pain with Modern Yoga Therapy.
  • We bring your life back to normal by treating your pain without side effects.
  • Our entire effort is focused on bringing you back to your playful activities.

How we do it?

  • We help you treat your problem with the combination of Modern Yoga Therapy, Diet & Some Precautions, which a patient has to take. (If the patients can’t take the precautions, we don’t call the patients further).
  • We provide daily Therapy sessions for 20-25 days depending upon the patient’s condition.
  • If the patient doesn’t get positive results within “15” sessions then we do not call the patient further (Because there is a great chance that the patient is not doing as instructed).
  • Our only condition is that you i.e. patients follow the instructions/program specially designed for them at home. Because if you follow exactly the way you are told your condition will definitely improve.
  • Majority of our patients tend to get the results from 1st session itself.

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