Who We Are

  • We are the exclusive wellness center for Slip Disc/Sciatica & Knee Problems.
  • Our Aim is to prevent people from spine operation & knee replacement surgery.
  • Our belief is that over 90% of the Slip Disc/Sciatica cases can be prevented from operation.
  • Our Belief is that close to 94% of the knee problem cases can be prevented from knee replacement surgeries.
  • We at Prithvi Yog Wellness Center can help you get back to your life routine naturally.
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Note For all the Patients:

All the patients who have Slip Disc Problem / Knee problem which is NOT because of major Accident should definitely pay a visit at our center as there is great possibility of reversing these degenerative changes without any operation.

जो भी स्लिपडिस्क की समस्या / घुटने की समस्या के रोगी है , अगर यह समस्या उन्हें किसी बड़े एक्सीडेंट की वजह से नहीं हुई है तो वह रोगी हमारे सेण्टर पर अवश्य संपर्क करे क्यूंकि हमारे द्वारा दी गयी "मॉडर्न योग थेरेपी " से ऐसे पेशेंट्स की स्तिथि मैं काफी इम्प्रूवमेंट / सुधार लाया जा सकता है और पेशेंट को ऑपरेशन से बचाया जा सकता है |

Our awesome services

Therapy, Yoga, Fitness

Slip Disc
This program restores your day-to-day working & makes you fit for adventure activities.
Knee Problem
Our 'Arthritis-Reversal program' has saved thousands of Total-knee-replacement surgeries so far.
'Neural Decompression therapy program' can permanently solve Pinched Sciatic Nerve.
Yoga According to your Health Problems & all Kinds of Diseases.
Yoga at Home Timings Available
Male Teacher Timing

5am to 9pm

Female Teacher Timing

7am to 7pm

Home Yoga Batch Duration

1 Hour Yoga Class

Yoga Trainer Experience

Between 2 To 5 years

Home Yoga Charges

3 Days in a week...... Rs 7000 per month5 Days in a week.......Rs.10000 per month

Yoga Services area all over DELHI NCR
1 Days Trial Free

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